IBM Foundations of IBM Big Data & Analytics Architecture V1 Certification Exam Dumps Sample Questions and Answers.

What CO used be used as business value entry points when developing an Acquire. Grow. Retain
customer solution?
A. Personalization, profitability
B. Harness and analyze all data, govern and protect ad data
C. Business process operations, infrastructure, and asset efficiency
D. Planning and performance management, disclosure management and financial close
Answer: D

A System z customer wants to reduce the incidence of insurance claims fraud by policy holders.
Which System z solution should be proposed?
A. IBM zEnterprise Linux Server for Analytics
B. The IBM Signature Solution – Next Best Action
C. IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution
D. IBMSmarterAnalytics.Anti-Fraud^aste.andAbuseSolutionforlnsurance
Answer: B


Which combination of IBM software solutions delivers up to 82 times faster reporting on an IBM
POWER8-based server than a comparable x86 server?
A. IBM SPSS on an IBM DB2 database
B. IBMDB2 Analytics Accelerator and IBM CognosPowerCubes
C. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration and IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes
D. Apache Hadoop integration with IBM InfoSphere Biglnsights and IBM InfoSphere Streams
Answer: C

Which two statements are true for row oriented databases?
A. They are well suited for OLTP workloads which are more heavily loaded with
B. They are not well suited for OLTP workloads which are more heavily loaded with
C. They are self-indexing which makes use of less disk space compared to a columnar
orienteddatabase system.
D. They are ideal when many columns of a single row are required at the same time and when
row-size is relatively small, as the entire row can be retrieved with a single disk read.
E. It has advantages for data warehouses, customer relationship management systems, and other
adhoc inquiry systems where aggregates are computed over large numbers of similar data items.
Answer: A,C


Which item is a key benefit of IBM InfoSphere Biglnsights (Biglnsights} over other Hadoop
A. Biglnsights provides POSIX-compliantfile connectors to files inHDFS.
B. Biglnsights provides a more robust and extensive columnar storage engine.
C. Biglnsights provides more comprehensive security capabilities using Kerberos.
D. Biglnsights provides built-in spreadsheet, SQL, and Text Analytics for processing data within
Answer: C

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